Islamic terrorism is a crime against humanity

Islamic terrorism is a crime against humanity

We condemn the Islamic terrorism in Paris

“Statement of “Barandazan”, November 15th 2015


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We at Barandazan condemn the barbaric act of terrorism that took place in Paris on 13th of November 2015 killing .large number of people

We the Iranians opposition to the Islamic regime of Iran, know the evil of the Islamic extremists very well and we know that the doctrine of this group is to assassinate and terrorize the dissidents, they use the religion as an excuse to remain in power and they have no other function but to destroy and create upheaval.

Islamic regime of Iran, that inappropriately calls itself a republic, is the teacher of all the terrorist groups in the region and in the world. Through creating enemies and nurturing hatred, this regime has managed to teach terrorism to individuals with inferiority complex. Everyone should know that the Islamic terrorism and the Islamic regime of Iran other than to be the enemy of civilization and free society.

This kind of view was born when Khomeini came to power and spread through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the region. Enmity with the free world and modernism was a cornerstone in Khomeini’s doctrine. He and his followers believe that their religion is a superior one and all those with other religions or views should convert or submit to them.

They feel like they own the region and have made the difficulty of Palestinian people as an excuse to create a human image for themselves. One wishes that these people had any other function other than destruction and opposing rationalism!

The catastrophic human rights and environmental situation in our country Iran is sufficient proof of futility and uselessness of this regime. This regime started the war with Iranians, with civilization and with the free world and now also in Syria, if Bashar al-Assad, the puppet of Khamenei, insists on remaining in power, terrorists of ISIS will give enough excuse to continue with terrorism in the region. Destroying ISIS, although necessary, is not the sufficient condition for eliminating radical Islam and Islamic terrorism in the world. The leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran will find other ways to once again reveal their ugly faces.

We believe that in order to get rid of this contemporary pest, world’s free societies and the individuals who believe in humanity should work hand in hand to further values of humanity and civilization and neutralize Islamism and political Islam at its roots. Politicians and decision makers in the world and especially in those in Europe and the United States should know that any direct or indirect support of the Islamic regime and of Ali Khamenei is equal to supporting the Islamic terrorism.

One can never trust the promises this regime makes and giving this regime any opportunity and expecting any dialogue with this regime to be fruitful will lead to this regime getting stronger and scattering the seeds of evil and hatred throughout the region and the world.

By overthrowing this regime, terrorism will be uprooted and its only in this way that the the middle-east will see peace and the free world will regain its security

 Lets help those who can be active and influential in overthrowing the Islamic regime of Iran.

Long live Iran/long live freedom


Dr.Mahmoud Moradkhani, Arash Mahdawi, Ramin Golbang November 15th 2015

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