Statement of “The opposition” about Hasaan Rouhani’s trip to France and Italy

Statement of “The opposition” about Hasaan Rouhani’s trip to France and Italy

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We were informed that on January 2016, Hassan Rouhani, the puppet of the Islamic regime of Iran, is visiting Italy and France so that they can continue to trick and deceive international opinion.

We all know that the government of Hassan Rouhani, just like that of Khatami’s, is nothing but a deceptive show to prolong the life of Khamenei’s regime. In both these governments the oppressive forces of the regime have continued in their breach of human rights and the regime did not change its anti-human policies in any manner; executions, imprisonment of journalists and the suffocating atmosphere of suppression is still a part of everyday Iran and signing some agreement or participating in some international conference have not decreased the magnitude of the crimes. International community should know that Iranians (both those living inside and abroad) do not consider this regime to represent them and that they are protesting against it and fighting it. We ask Iranians who live abroad specially those who live in Europe to remember “Nedas” and “Sattars” and stand side by side with all those who have sacrificed so much for freedom and democracy and join the protest gatherings against the shameful trip of Rouhani and show their protest to the international community and specially European decision-makers.

We hope that the international community understands that “the Islamic republic is not the real representative of Iran and Iranian people” and that we, as political pro-activists and as an alternative force, are very much “present and ready” so that there will be no excuse in tolerating the Islamic republic due to the lack of an alternative.

Our presence in great numbers will be very important and meaningful.

Long live freedom/long live Iran

Iranian proactive center


26January 2016

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