Open letter of Khamenei’s nephew and critic to members of Congress

Open letter of Khamenei’s nephew and critic to members of Congress

Dear Senators and Members of the House of Representatives,

  Following the open letter that I sent to the president of the United States in April 2015, in which I pointed out the deceits and hidden agendas of the leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran specially Ali Khamenei, who is my uncle, I address this letter to you ladies and gentlemen of the US congress.

Let me at first point out that my collaborators and I share your concerns about the necessity of stability and peace in the Middle East and your concern about the influence of the Islamic regime of Iran in the region. You can be sure that the wish of the majority of Iranians is to live in peace and see the improvement of their country and that the deeds and words of the leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran have never been a reflection of Iranians’ ideas and attitudes.

In recent months, despite overwhelming evidence of wickedness and unreliability of the Islamic regime of Iran, the decision makers in USA and Europe have brought down the level of their satisfaction of to an absolute minimum.  For, by signing an agreement of a “joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA)” without any form of guarantee, not only one does not eliminate a risk, but gives the leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran the hope and opportunity to buy time in order to carry out their hidden agendas.

The argument that dialog is always better than war is often used to counter the valid objection of those who oppose the Iran-deal. Superiority of dialog is more than obvious and no supporter of human rights speaks in the language of war. Our clear question, however, is this: dialog with whom and with what kind of a regime? How is it possible to have a democratic dialog with a regime whose only concern is dominance, violation of human rights and mockery of civilization?

Can a regime whose only goal is to create an Islamic empire be a reliable counterpart in a civilized dialog? Moreover, this is the only issue that this regime is willing to have a dialog about; the willingness to have a dialog just legitimizes what this regime is after.

I believe that the supreme leader of the Islamic regime of Iran, Ali Khamenei, does not want to change his true nature, he has also in many speeches clearly and explicitly stated that he does not want in any way to compromise the fundamental principles of his regime.

Survival of this regime even without nuclear capability means human rights violations, instability and more turmoil in the Middle East and the world at large. A nuclear deal and the current situation will only give more time to the regime to gather momentum.

Will the regime’s agreement to suspend its nuclear activities be a good enough reason to forgive its international insurgencies, the injustice that it has exposed Iranian people to, the disrespect that it has shown to the American people, American government or even the American embassy in Teheran? Will the regime accept to end the human rights violations in Iran? Will it accept to end its support to the terrorist groups in the region, or to the Syrian regime, or to the rebel groups in Yemen?  Will it suspend its quest to create a religious hegemony in the region and teaching its extremist interpretation of Islam to the Muslims all around the world? The answer to all these questions are of course negative!

As someone who is quite aware of the true nature of the leaders of this regime, I have to say that frankly the current state of the affair is, unfortunately, exactly what the regime wants.

In 1979, Khomeini under the false pretense of wishing to bring freedom and independence to Iranians caused a revolution but the truth was that he was never concerned about the freedom and independence of Iranian people.

He wanted to dominate the Islamic world; he tricked both you and us Iranian people, in the same manner that Hitler tricked German people and the rest of Europe!

Ali Khamenei has also for a long time been using the excuse of trying to acquire nuclear capability so he can in all secrecy spread his influence in the region and guarantee the survival of its inhuman and illegitimate regime.

This is no secret that establishment of extremist Islamic groups in the region following the universal Islamic doctrine of both Khomeini and Khamenei who dreamed of creating an Islamic empire is a result of overt and covert actions of the Islamic regime of Iran as well as geopolitical miscalculations of American and European policymakers.  

This has unfortunately led to the tragic spread of Islamic extremism and terrorism, homelessness of millions of people and an unsafe world.

Iranians have had enough of the bitter taste of executions, stoning and social limitations. One thing is for sure; this kind of injustice and inhumanity should not spread to other countries like Iraq and Syria.

Although you, neither in congress nor in parliament, have made a final decision concerning JCPOA yet, but if this trend continues and the agreement is approved, the opportunity with grave consequences.

Islamic regime of Iran will agree to suspend its nuclear activities, while in all secrecy it will continue to pursue its evil plans, making the world a more insecure place, with no social and economic benefit to the Iranian people.

I believe that the mistakes in the Middle East have always been the wrong choice of the negotiation party on the other side of the table to the western decision makers. Of course, I cannot mention all the cases were those decision makers chose the wrong counterparts in this letter; it is clear, however, that the situation in for example Iraq is mainly the result of void created by American and European decision makers in choosing the people to have on the other side of the negotiation table.

When it comes to the nuclear issue, the dialog with a regime should be based on that regime’s political record and competence. One can certainly not trust the Islamic regime of Iran or those who have been its key elements for a long time and wish to extend its life by pretending to the world that this regime represents Iranian people where in fact their only concern is their own personal benefit.

You can be certain that both Iranians who live inside “prison Iran” and those who are forced to live abroad, do not recognize the Islamic regime of Iran as their representative and wish for its removal in its entirety.

However, those who live in ‘captivity’ inside Iran are under constant threat of suppression and cannot speak out and those who live abroad have become disappointed by so many wrong choices of the decisions makers and as a result have become heart-broken and lost all hope for any kind of support.

There are, however, many of us political activists who despite censorship and many other obstacles and frustrations are continuing on our path because we believe in what we do.

As you know on many occasions, Iranian intellectuals have contacted the decision makers of the free world to warn them about some of the issues that I mention in this letter. (It is obvious that messages from activists who suffer from delusions and believe that the Islamic regime of Iran can somehow transform to a democracy better be sorted out and set aside to avoid making “wrong choices”).

Finally, you should know that Iranian people feel disgusted by their current situation and are hungry for freedom and democracy. People who have suffered the tyranny of The Islamic regime of Iran will embrace freedom and democracy more openly than any other people will and in the aftermath of the Islamic regime will guarantee peace and prosperity for their own country and the whole region.

Regardless of the result of the agreement, I ask you to pay attention to the fact that those in the Iranian society who are worthy of being addressed and contacted by you, are those who believe in secular democracy and dare to question the very integrity of the Islamic regime of Iran and are immune to the illusion that this regim is capable of being reformed.

If it were not because of the media censorship, the world would most certainly hear the righteous voices of true Iranian opposision clearer and more often and they would get the opportunity to materialize their various projects.

It is time that you support the real opposition of Iran and Iranian people so we all could get rid of the vicious Islamic regime of Iran and all its affiliated Islamic groups in the region.

For our goal, like yours, is freedom, human rights, peace and democracy.

Respectfully yours

Dr.Mahmoud Moradkhani

France – 14 September 2015