A message to the democratic and free people of the world

A message to the democratic and free people of the world

A message to the democratic and free people of the world

A regime that puts religion and ideology at the base of its government cannot be democratic, since anything that is against that ideology or religion is doomed to be removed from the society

Iranian regime led by ayatollah Khamenei is religious one and is undemocratic. Stability of this regime has been based on a Machiavellian doctrine. This regime has always abused beliefs and feelings of people through trickery and suppression

We must know the lies and deceits of these regime when it pretends to have democratic elements like Parliament, local councils and elections.

You the citizens of the free and democratic world are well aware that in order to be a democrat, the elections should be free.

Just voting in an election is not a measure of freedom. Freedom is the possibility of different viewpoints to exist, some of which could be a 100% different and opposed to the existing government. All the dissidents should be allowed to present themselves and be candidates.

Presence of dissidents is a sign of free election. But even a free election is not enough, an election is democratic only when people have the possibility to participate with knowledge, meaning that all the candidates and participants have the possibility to give information so people can choose the better option.

How can we possibly imagine that a regime that recognizes only one religion allows dissidents to present themselves?
Islamic regime of Iran has never recognized this fundamental and crucial democratic requirement for dissidents.

Election “shows” of Islamic regime of Iran has always been undemocratic and will remain so; this is a crucial fact that everyone should know and do not be fooled by the lies of the Islamic regime.

Islamic regime pretends that people participate in its elections, but has there ever been and independent observers to verify this claim? And have the people who participate in elections been informed enough? Do we know that their votes are being correctly counted?

Of course, the answer to these questions are negative. If the regime gave the opportunity of a free and well informed referendum or at least allow the participation of its opposition, it would be confirmed that Islamic regime of Iran is not Iran an it has no support of Iranian people.

Black record of Khomeini in the past and Khamenei at the present are well known in the international community and specially at the UN.

We know that what is important and necessary today is to increase the will and power of an acceptable alternative opposition for Iranian people and the international community so that Iranian people themselves with the help of international community come out of the middle-age abyss that this regime has impose on them

We at the place of opposition are aware of our mission and are ready to act
In the name of freedom and democracy and in order to restore the suppressed human rights of Iranian people, we boycott the upcoming presidential election in Iran and we are certain that contrary to the regime’s claims, peoples’ participation in the election will be pale, cold and just for show.

Iranian Proactive Center

April 2017